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About us

Slayer Blades Company was founded in 1979, as a creation of its owner’s competence and passion. After the long experience he had in the field of moulds for slicing machines, he decided to put his business view into practice

The first production headquarter was located in Albizzate (VARESE), then it was quickly moved to Oggiona con Santo Stefano(VARESE). The steady research and innovation allow the company to obtain additional market shares.

The new manufacturing cycles bring Slayer Blades group, in 1992, to build up a new production plant in Casalbeltrame (NOVARA).

Advantages we offer are tangible and guaranteed by material certifications (100 CR6 e C45) that make them totally suitable for food exercise.

In order to satisfy your needs, we produce Teflon-coated blades (with Whitford certificate), to make blades non-stick and suitable to cut all smooth and pasty products.


The outstanding increase of efficiency in Casalbeltrame's plant throws Slayer Blades brand in the worldwide market as a leader, with the influential quote of 50%.

Slayer Blades manufactures blades off the shelves, with high-ranking quality, and it can provide every kind of tailor-made blade, on customer specific request.

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Company: Z.I. La Ciliegia - 28060 Casalbeltrame NO Italy - Tel: + 39 0321 838675 - Fax: + 39 0321 838940

Registred office: Via Milano 37, 21040 Oggiona S. Stefano VA Italy - Tel: +39 0331 739004 - Fax: +39 0331 739007



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