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A group of competent and innovative divisions that are able to satisfy all your requirements.

This production department specializes in 3D optical scanning, in reverse engineering, in 3D printing and in the additive manufacturing of sand molds and metal parts.

The commercial department that acts as a global spare parts supplier, for scales, slicers and appliances for the dynamic preparation, for cooking, for cleaning, for refrigeration, for packaging, for labeling and more.

A department that specializes in the restoration and sale of Authentic Berkel vintage slicers.

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  • Blades for slicers

    To every slicer its blade.Slicer users may have different needs and depending on the use of the slicer it is necessary to have a suitable blade, both in diameter and...

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  • Double trade show appointment with Slayer

    The first appointment, held from 3 to 6 May, was Ipackima 2022 at the Rho exhibition centre, in Milan - Italy. During this event, RBA Spare parts (Slayer group), presented...

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Slayer Blades: Specialists in The Production of Professional and Industrial Blades.

Slayer Blades is an Italian firm that specializes in the production of professional and industrial blades for slicers of any brand, model or type. With its extensive experience in the field and with careful attention, it continues to develop innovative solutions that go beyond the production of blades. In fact, the company also develops sharpening tools and products that are able to satisfy the most varied needs, with quality, endurance, functionality and durability. 

Slayer Blades is made up of a group of departments that include: SB Slayer that is in charge of the production of slicer blades; RBA Spare Parts, specializes in the production of spare parts for collective catering and in labeling and is able to offer spare parts for slicers, meat-mincers but also for cooking, washing, refrigeration equipment and more; Artigiani del Restauro, specializes in the restoration of original vintage Berkel flywheel slicers; Cor.Sa 3D is in charge of 3D optical scanning, reverse engineering, 3D printing and additive manufacturing of sand and metal molds.

Thanks to its internal organization and its professional excellence – not only in the manufacture of blades for slicers – Slayer Blades manages to satisfy many and varied requests. The company is certified for its high-quality production: therefore, those who choose slicer blades that have been designed and manufactured by Slayer Blades, have the certainty that they can count on a product that is robust, time resistant, that offers precise cutting and the highest, 100% Italian quality.

Blades for Slicers: Discover the Slayer Blades range. .

Are you looking for blades for the best slicing machines brands on the market? Slayer Blades produces every model of blade and is able to propose a vast choice of products that are compatible with the most popular brands on the market such as: Bizerba, Deko Holland, Essedue, F.A.C., Fama Industrie, Globe, Manconi, Minerva Omega, Mistro, Noaw, R.G.V., Sirman, Swedlinghaus, Torrey, OMAS, Berkel INTL.

Particularly, Slayer Blades, is specialized in the production of high-performing, professional blades but also in blades for domestic slicers. In this way, it offers products of the highest quality both in terms of hardness and thread trimming and covers a vast range of diameters. 

In order to offer its clients only the very best, Slayer Blades uses the most advanced and the most efficient technology in the production of its blades.

Slayer Blades is not solely devoted to Blade Production: It Offers Products and Spare Parts for Every Need.

Slayer Blades does not only produce professional blades or blades for household use. Due to its long experience in the field, as well as high competence and production capacity within its organization, it also offers a vast range of sharpening systems for professional and industrial blades and other products that have been entirely designed and manufactured in Italy through the use of the most advanced technologies in order to completely satisfy each and every need in an innovative way.

Are you looking for sharpening blades or systems that are able to offer you a high performance and can withstand the test of time? Then, you can trust Slayer Blades’ experience in blade manufacturing: discover all our solutions and find the product that best satisfies your needs.