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SLAYER BLADES offers a wide range of products, always staying focused on market trends and on customer’s needs.

A 30 years experience in the food equipment affects our products, assuring integrity and high performances.

From domestic and professional blades up to industrial blades, the attention to details has been kept so high, in order to reach high standard targets through the years.

Moreover, our philosophy is directed to the research and to the never-ending enhancement of productive processes; this brought to life our ITK and SB470 sharpeners, designed to guarantee the best features on any application.

We have recently specialized also in manufacturing blades for shredders, performing complete sets of blades for most of the multi-shaft shredders on the market and producing special design blades according to customer requirements. To fulfill customers demand, we also provide re-sharpening service through surface grinding of worn blades, always driven by the same passion and devotion of ever.

SLAYER BLADES distributes furthermore an ample variety of spare parts for food machinery, stored in our warehouse in Oggiona con S. Stefano.

Last but not least, we now provide 3D optical scan and Reverse Engineering services to companies coming from different industrial fields.

Diversification is our trade-mark. Polyvalence and variety are our strengths and with these resources we provide to our customers the assurance to work with a reliable and experienced partner.






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